How It Works


Share-ride service is simply “sharing a ride” with  other people going in your direction. We are able to keep your fare low  by scheduling other people who are heading in a similar location as you.   When you travel with Go Airlink Shuttle, you travel with an authorized  airport vehicle service of the Port Authority of New York and New  Jersey. We want to make your arrival and departure as easy as possible with our worry free cancellation policy*, convenient ground transportation desks and our staff located in each terminal.

Arriving at the Airport

Step 1: Book online and  save! Pre-paid tickets are valid for all day, so if you’re  running early or late, we will be ready   to  accommodate you.

Forgot to book? We might have room for you, give us a call  at 1-877-599-8200.

Step 2:  Have a safe flight! Once you get off the plane, pick up your  luggage and proceed to the ground transportation desk which is  located by baggage claim. You will find signs along the way to  guide you in the right direction. 

Step 3: There will be an agent there, or next to the desk you will  find a courtesy phone, dial #18 for Airlink.  In addition, you  will find the Airport Ground Transportation customer service  representatives at the ground transportation desk for those  extra questions you may have. 


Step 4: Let the reservation representative know you have arrived  and give her or she your reservation number. You will then be  instructed on your next step while your driver is already being  routed and you are being quickly matched up with others heading  in your direction!

Step 5: Please have your voucher ready, your driver is coming to  get you! Enjoy the ride!

Departing to the Airport


Step 1: Reserve you  departure! We recommend to book at least one day in advance so  our dispatch can work out the fastest route to get you to the  airport. Our drivers will pick up passengers from the  destinations furthest from the airport to the closest.

Forgot to book? We might have room for you, give us a call  at 1-877-599-8200.


Step 2:  You will be given a pick up time, please be downstairs by the  entrance of your pick up location. If you are at a hotel, let  the doorman know you are waiting for Go Airlink.


Step 3: Enjoy the ride! Have a safe flight!

If you prefer exclusive immediate service, try our  private car, sedan or SUV service – we’ll take you where you have to go  immediately – no sharing! Or if you have more than one piece of  luggage per person, take a look at our private van service for space and  comfort!

 * cancellations up to 4 hours from schedule pickup time are fully refundable

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